When can we start the project assigned?

Once customer gave their requirement to us our design, sourcing and fabrication start working on the request made to showcase the best possible product and approximate cost, once all required parameters are fulfilled we start work on site.

How much time to complete project?

Time calculation of any project can be done on the basis of size of the project, design, material and costing approval, once all is freeze we can give you tentative time which may vary by one week.

Why should we have Designer service?

He will help you in selecting the design as per the area available at optimum utilization

Designer services are expensive and can affect budget drastically.

As we have in-house facility and which enable to save the huge cost charged if Secondly the amount of wastage saved help in adjusting the cost in occurred.

If I have money, taste and time then why do I need an interior designer?

We love to listen and make your idea to original work by providing you the designs for approval as per your taste, but then it is specialized task and experience of doing this job for so many years is mandatory to utilize sources at optimum level, else it may go wrong in aesthetic sense and huge loss of time material and money can happen.

Can we have the costing prior beginning of a project?

Sure you can have the costing as per your requirement and can be slightly variable as per the material selected and actual use which will be updated and consulted from you prior proceeding.

What about after sales service?

We have service team especially for service at site within 48 hours.